Subtle, Intelligent And Efficient; Vivo V21 Makes Night Photography Smoother

Written by on May 31, 2021

Photographers often find themselves shooting in unsuitable dark environments, which leads to unclear and noisy images. While the lack of light may be one of the biggest challenges faced by photographers, it’s quite ironic that the abundance of light may be an issue too sometimes. It tells us that photography on any device, whether it’s a smartphone or a DSLR, is the act of finding correct proportions, the right balance.

No wonder photographers are in such demand today. It requires talent and continuous practice to intimately know your camera. Earlier, photography was meant only for those who could afford an expensive camera. With the world changing around us and the love for photography skyrocketing, smartphone brands have been working on creating that technology for your phone. vivo, a leading global smartphone brand, is one such creator that brings photography to you.

Moreover, in more recent times, vivo has been establishing itself as one that wholeheartedly supports and encourages mobile photography. To make that dream come true, the vivo team has been relentlessly working on innovating new camera technology everyday.

vivo’s internal research and analysis have shown that overexposure of images caused by the flashlight is a photography hindrance. Let’s discuss how exposure works in a camera. In photography, exposure is the amount of light collected by the camera’s sensor or film. In the digital age, when light hits the camera sensor, it creates images. When there is an influx of light hitting the camera sensor, it results in images that are too bright. The background in such a situation is hardly visible, if not completely invisible, due to a bright patch of light. This is called overexposure.

Overexposure limits detailing in the photo and reduces any opportunity for shadowing or distinguishable highlights. Photographers may attempt to reduce overexposing images by maintaining manual settings such as adjusting the aperture and controlling the shutter speed. The ISO function also helps with exposure by managing the brightness of the screen. However, vivo believes camera technology has potential for improvement and is therefore bringing the all-new vivo V21 that has a better understanding of camera functions, efficiently works around the aperture and the shutter speed, and produces natural-looking images.


Rumours around the smartphone industry suggest that vivo V21 solves the major challenges of photography. Overexposure has been a constant talk point amongst photographers who have forever been trying out new methods to keep the light in check. vivo hopes to play its part as a smartphone brand by bringing a device that generates high-quality images for its customers.

We’ve been told that the V21 is equipped with a mighty 44MP OIS Night Selfie System. vivo is revolutionising mobile photography everyday with cutting-edge innovations, and the all new V21 will be among the few devices in the industry to arrive with an Optical Image Stabilization(OIS) installed in the camera.

The OIS stabilizes the camera to enable greater light exposure and provides outstanding night vision. The camera system of vivo V21 is said to be further equipped with highly attractive night-centric features for a versatile imagery experience. It will be supported by an intelligent work of technology that will yield well-lit, noiseless images even in extremely dark environments. When combined that technology with the camera’s features, the resulting images enable better focus, produce finer clarity for objects in the image and significantly reduces noises.

The V21 harnesses the hardware-software synergy to capture clearer selfies and result in high quality videos irrespective of the time of the day or the background lighting. The device will automatically sense the darkness, increase the exposure level to allow more light intake, and create bright and natural images. Moreover, the V21 front camera will have two flashlights that will produce a wide array of fill lights to further assist in clicking fantastic images in darkness.

Over the years, the V series journey has shown excellent design development. If vivo maintains the same structural progress, the upcoming vivo V21 may be a smartphone worth noticing. We foresee exciting features that won’t just be limited to the camera but to the phone’s performance and feel as well. We can’t wait for vivo to launch the smartphone in the Pakistani market. Keep up with us for more updates on vivo V21.

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