Brazil Hopes 5G Technology Will Spur Young People’s Return To Rural Areas

Written by on May 31, 2021

Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply Tereza Cristina said the arrival of 5G technology would help spur younger generations to return to rural areas.

“Our rural population is aging, and we need more young people to work in the fields. With this tool (5G), I am very hopeful of bringing young people back to the countryside,” Cristina was quoted as saying by state news agency Agencia Brasil.

Given connectivity, producers “will be able to interact with urban areas” and “young people will be interested in returning to the field to work with their parents,” she said.

The minister estimated 60 percent of rural producers have internet access and that 5G will boost that figure quickly.

Brazil has installed its first rural 5G antenna on an experimental basis in the town of Rondonopolis, which is in the west-central region of the country.

The tender for the implementation of 5G technology in Brazil is scheduled to take place by the end of June.

According to government estimates, 5G technology will be available in all Brazilian state capitals in July 2022.

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